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Video Game Icon 100
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Fifty themes, fifty choices-- a hundred icons.
1. Don't be a jerk. I has a banstick, and I'm not afraid to use it.
-( - o-)-/ < banstick
On the other hand, I'm not likely to use it, either. I'm fairly a relaxed mod; there's little to fear from me, except perhaps an overload of love and affection. :3

2a. Teaser icons are nice, but no more than three, please-- some people are still on dial-up, after all.
2b. If it's a multi-fandom post, all teasers must be for the challenge.

3a. If you're linking to your icon post instead of putting the icons behind a LJ-cut, link to the post that the icons are in, not the journal itself.
3b. No linking to friendlocked posts. >:

4. Have at least five icons for each batch, please. It's kind of a waste of community space to have posts of less than that, and it would bump people off the front page too fast.

5. If you finish the challenge within three months, you get a cyber-cookie and a banner made with your three favorite icons from your submission. Yay! Change: No time limit for completion, but one batch every three months shouldn't be too hard for you guys to manage.
... Right?
1. This is a 50 themed/50 choice icon comm, so play it that way. But first... join, silly. :d

2. Choose a Themeset.

3. Post your Claim.

4. Make 50 themed icons and 50 Artist's Choice icons in the next three months.

5. Get a shiny banner for your userinfo!

Image Sources
Icons can be made with screencaps from the game, concept art, content closely connected to the game, promo images, official renders... that sort of thing.
They can NOT be made from divergent material, or (if the game is based on something else) the original material.

Examples: If you claim, say, Tomb Raider, you can make icons out of screecaps from the game, the cover art, official artwork of the characters and environment, and so on; on the other hand, you can't use fanart or movie stuff. If you claim Kingdom Hearts, scans of the manga are right out. If you claim an Inuyasha game, don't touch the anime.

You get the idea, right?

Tags and Tagging
I don't mind you tagging your own posts (it does save me time), and creating tags when needed, but the proper format on this community is "[journal name or maker's name], [game claimed], submission".


animagic100 : Animated Icon Challenge

If you want to affiliate your community with me, you can drop me a comment in the FAQ or any of the modposts. I'll say yes. XD