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Subject: Final Fantasy IX {General}
# of icons in post: 11
# of icons completed total: 11/100
Started: 08/03/05
Completed: N/A
Artist: paopuremix


Yay ~ For the first post of my challenge. ^^ Sorry, it's not much. I just wanted to get the table out of the way and all. Anyways, thanks to alanahikarichan for answering my questions. <3
Enjoy the 11% completion of my challenge.

( bask in the light of day with all your might )
[dc] the wonder of flight

The "Poke a Mod" Post

If you want to catch my attention, leave a comment here.

For example: If you finish a claim and I haven't given you a banner within a week or so (Hi rebbe :D ), I may not have seen that you finished. If you comment to the claimspost and I didn't reply in a few days, I may not have gotten the comment notification... that sort of thing. Also, if I promise to get something done and then don't, like tablecodes for themeset C (and now D)...

In any case, leave a comment here to remind me. :D;; I'm in college now, so I won't always see posts, but I do check my email frequently.